Rode, makers of the popular Videomic and Videomic Pro are once again building off of their popular platform. They recently announced two new additions which include the Stereo Videomic Pro and the Videomic HD.

The Stereo Videomic Pro features:

…a high quality stereo option for videographers, and is ideal for recording music, and the atmospheric ambience essential in building a realistic audio scene.

While the Videomic HD includes:

  • Integrated digital recorder (microSDHC)
  • RF-bias, true condenser shotgun microphone
    (based on RØDE NTG3 technology)
  • Line and Mic (mixer) inputs (with ‘plug-in’ power)
  • High level headphone amplifier for monitoring
  • Three-level High Pass Filter (0, 75Hz, 150Hz)
  • Integrated Blimp wind protection and shock mounting
  • Multi mode outputs
    (Dual mono/split 0db and -10db for auto safety/dual mono + 20dB)
  • High frequency ‘boost’ switch for increased intelligibility at distance miking
  • Utra-lightweight metal casing
  • Quick release mounting system

The Stereo Videomic Pro is available for pre-order for $299 while the Videomic HD‘s availability will be announced soon.