One of the greatest things I love about Adobe Premiere CS5 is the ability to edit MOV files created by the Canon HDSLR H.264 MOV codec without transcoding.  Most Final Cut Pro users need to transcode the native Canon footage into something they can edit in real time with.  This is time consuming, just like many of us that used, or use, Premiere CS4 also know this troublesome process (luckily my comp was fast enough to edit in real time on CS4).

There is now a solution for Final Cut Pro users.  Epic I by was just recently released and allows you to start working on your edits much faster than before.  Basically, Epic I transcodes the footage for you in the background while you edit.  You are able to download a trial to give it a test run and it’s only $45 for purchase.  That’s pretty cheap!  Check out the video below to see it in action.

Oh and in case you weren’t aware, also released Epic I for Sony Vegas.  Make sure you try this out, with a free trial you can’t go wrong.

DVFilm Epic I for Mac is a real time workflow tool that allows you to edit DSLR H.264 Quicktime files in real time in Final Cut Pro using FCP’s RT Extreme features, but without the tedious transcoding methods of the past that slow down your workflow. Real-Time editing, on practically any computer! The DVFilm Epic method is fully automated and creates real-time files in the background so you don’t have to wait.

Sean Bowers – NextWaveDV