Rumors have been floating around about Nikon working on an autofocus system for video and today we find out what the first camera is to get it. The Nikon D3100 is their latest entry into the HDSLR arena, and it looks to be a good competitor. Set to be their first camera to have autofocus in video and 1080p video. Unfortunately the 1080p will be limited to only 24p, but it will include the options for 720p in 24p and 30p. Autofocus looks to be a contrast based system, which in current cameras is fairly slow. We’ll have to wait and see how good Nikon’s version is.

The camera is set to release mid September and compete directly with Canon’s T2i with a price tag of $700 bundled with an AF‐S 18‐55mm f/3.5‐5.6G VR. Click here for the full press release.