The FS700 is a great camera but a bit larger than a DSLR. This means it is time for a new rig and what better one to put through the paces than Zacuto’s new FS700 Shooter.

Zacuto is famous for their heavy-duty camera rigs. The FS700 Shooter certainly follows this trend with its solid construction and streamlined design. The layout is pretty simple: a mini baseplate, a shoulder pad, counter weight and grip relocater all attached on Zacuto rods. The mini baseplate is nice and small. It doesn’t bulk up the camera at all while still providing rod supports and the option to raise or lower it depending on how far away you want your lens from the rods. The rods are some of my favorite rods of any camera system. They are very strong but still light-weight due to the hollowed aluminum design. Perhaps best of all is the matte finish to keep your accessories from sliding around on the rods.

The shoulder pad is comfortable for all-day shooting. The counterweight does a great job of balancing the camera while not being too bulky. And, every FS700 shooter will need the grip relocater. This allows you to position the FS700’s removable grip to a spot that is much more comfortable for shoulder shooting. With this setup, you can easily attach a monitor or EVF and have a full ENG style rig.

If we had to nitpick, there were a few things that weren’t the most ideal for our shooting style. My camera case doesn’t have room for the camera and baseplate together so I have to remove it each time I travel. This isn’t a quick ordeal since the screws for the baseplate are recessed inside the baseplate. This requires having the right sized screwdriver for the job. Also the shoulder support slides easily for quick rebalancing of your rig when swapping lenses or accessories. This also means that if you tilt up or down, you’ll have to hold the camera steady to keep it from sliding on your shoulder.

That said, the small quirks that we have with the FS700 Shooter don’t prevent it from being an amazingly high-quality setup and a great addition to anyone’s arsenal. Check it out at the Zacuto Store.

Watch our full video review below.