We all love our field monitors especially for DSLR video work. Every field monitor manufacturer relies on display manufacturers to supply the right pixel perfect display. As display technology improves, we see new monitor options introduced into the market. We saw this last year with a surge of 5.6″ 1280×800 monitors and this year with electronic view finders with 3″ screens at 800×480. Still nothing is giving us a full HD at a small size.

However it looks like Ortus Technology is stepping up to the plate and offering a 1920×1080 4.8″ display. That’s a pixel density of 458 pixels per inch compared to the iPhone’s 326 ppi. Some gadget blogs are asking if this is an awkward size, being too big for a cell phone and too small for a tablet. However, it seems to be the perfect size for a small, on camera monitor.

Hopefully monitor manufacturers will take advantage of this new display technology and incorporate it in future models.

via Gizmodo