Switronix announced their new PT-XF3 cable, which allows the EX-L96 battery to power Sony F3 camcorders. The 8″ PT-XF3 converts the powertap from male to female and adds a 4-pin XLR female, which plugs into the F3. The EX-L96 offers 50% more power than the Sony OEM BP-U60 battery (or up to four hours) making it a solution for those seeking extended runtime. This 96-watt battery also features a 4-LED gauge and an on-board powertap to power any 12-volt accessory (ie. an onboard light, monitor, recorder, HD converter, etc.).

EX-L96 battery specifications:
• Chemistry: Lithium-ion
• Capacity: 96Wh
• Voltage: 14.4v
• Weight: 1.3lbs
• Dimensions: 1.6″ H x 2.75″ D x 5.1″ W
• 4-Stage LED gauge
• Temperature and current fuse protection
• Additional powertap output
• Charges on Sony BC-U1 charger