If you’re a video shooter who flies a lot or just likes to travel light, one of the most difficult pieces of gear to cram into your kit is a tripod. Small, lightweight tripods usually aren’t very good and larger ones can bring additional cost to your carry-on rates. Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine your camera bag and your tripod?

Well that’s what Petrol thought when they created their Cambio hybrid camera bag and tripod system. The Cambio features a fold out tripod leg on the back with wheels that extend for added stability. The handle pulls up to feature a 75mm ball head attachment to use with either the included micro fluid head or your own fluid head. The handle can extend up to 52 inches, though some reviews have said it isn’t the most stable at full extension.

The bag normally sells for $800, but B&H is running a sale through the end of December where you can get the bag for $399 after mail-in rebate. Just ordered one for myself, but supplies are limited.