First off, I have to apologize that there will be no episode this week…but it’s for good reason.  We are working on a new format to our web videos that I’m hoping you will all enjoy a lot more.

Up till now, our web videos were a collection of different “series”…NextWaveTV, Cine Tips, Fix it in Post, etc.  It may have been a little confusing to those new to our site.  The other problem is if there was an episode about something you weren’t interested in, say a gear review, you probably would have turned off the episode.

This is all about to change with our new series, DV|TV.

With our new format, we will be under one show name from now on.  This new show will have a variety of content in each episode ranging from gear reviews and overviews, tips, training, interviews, round table discussions, etc.  Our goal is to create a show each week that anyone in video can find interest in.  We will still have special series (like HDSLR 101) from time to time which will focus on one specific part of digital video.

This is a big undertaking as it involves more production time, equipment, crew, etc.  We are hoping to launch the new format by the end of March.

In the mean time, be sure to thank our sponsors for helping to make this happen.  Without their funding, we would be dead in the water.  Visit their websites and check out their great products.