Creativity, what exactly is it?  With Some people it often times seems to ooze from their very pores, I’m so jealous.  I’ve been told that Creativity is a trait that one cannot learn, either you have it or you don’t. Is that true, are we hopefuls just out if we skipped the line when creative genius was being handed out?

Creativeness is often more associated with the substance of a thing and not the format but even that shows an amount of creativeness  none the less. I was walking in Best Buy the other day and was surprised and reminded of a short lived internet phenomenon, video shot in 9×16 format. Philip Bloom and Jem Schofield held a 9×16 contest last year in May, after that I’ve not heard much about it but creativity isn’t about longevity, it’s about creating something new and different and unique. Take a look at this video and see what I am talking about.

So, was that creative, I think so,  the format definitely added to this particular story by allowing us to see the color palette and canvas in a new and unique way.  I have to ask again, can creativity be learned? I mean if I really didn’t have to create or invent anything, could I have been “Creative Enough” to just turn the camera on its side?

I looks like I’m leaving you with more questions than answers but when it comes down to it, will my work be known for its technical abilities or for having created something new and exciting… something lasting? Or are your aspirations more modest, do you merely want to create something beautifully shot or perhaps technically perfect?

So, where do we go to get more creative than we are already?