I was at an event not too long ago were I was able to hob nob with a source who works with Adobe.  As post geeks do, we talked about work we’ve done, our rigs, and the tips and tricks we use to make the magic happen. Whether it was the excitement or the amount of drinks we had, I was given a small bit of secret info.

The Warp Stabilizer that was included in After Effects CS5.5 last year and that many people have come to love will be making a move this year.  Premiere CS6 will include this effective and easy tool to stabilize your shaky or jello ridden footage.  It is unknown whether or not the Warp Stabilizer will have any new features.

If you currently have Premiere and don’t have/use After Effects, would this be a feature that would get you to upgrade to or buy CS6?

If you’re not familiar with the Warp Stabilizer or need a reminder on how great it is, check out the video below:

Here is a sneak peek of CS6 from the post department at TeamCoCo: