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How to use the extend edit function in adobe premiere pro cs5

This is a great tip shared by Kevin Monahan at the Adobe Blogs.  Adding this shortcut to your keyboard will enable you to use the

February 03, 2011 Blog, Post Production

Converting 2D to Stereo 3D

3D is definitely the largest fad hitting cinema today.  Whether you think 3D is gimicky or the next best thing since sliced bread, just like

January 20, 2011 Blog, Post Production

Invisible VFX: The Fighter

The Fighter is a film that you wouldn’t think of VFX having a heavy role.  Just how much work goes into a film based on

January 19, 2011 Blog, Post Production

Mercury Engine, CUDA and Premiere CS5. What does it all mean?

Todd Kopriva posted a great note on Adobe’s Forum regarding the Mercury Engine in Premiere CS5 and the difference between it and CUDA.   The

January 06, 2011 Blog, Post Production

Realtime Editing of Canon DSLR MOV Files in Final Cut Pro

One of the greatest things I love about Adobe Premiere CS5 is the ability to edit MOV files created by the Canon HDSLR H.264 MOV

December 09, 2010 Blog, Post Production

Free HD Video Editing Software

EditShare announced the release of their free open source editing software Lightworks, now in open public beta.  This is exciting if you don’t have the

December 01, 2010 Blog, Post Production
It's Gone 3

Remove Objects from Video in Real Time

Have you ever had to paint out an object from a scene frame by excruciating frame?  I have, it’s not fun.  Any tool out there

October 14, 2010 Blog, Post Production