In a surprising move, Apple is looking to compete directly with Sony and Canon this year by releasing their own Super 35mm sensor camera at NAB. Apple has been working with Micron Technology Inc. to develop their new sensor technology based upon the most recent iPhone 4S sensor. The iSight HD (working name) will feature Apple’s largest sensor to date, improved image stabilization, HDR mode and high ISO sensitivity all recording to ProRes. No word on whether the camera can shoot RAW. Additionally, the iSight will be able to sync to other iOS devices via Bluetooth which could be very handy for app developers.

Another big question is whether the camera will have the option for interchangeable lenses or include a fixed lens. Apple is notorious for trying to keep things clean and simple which may limit the “extra” features for a camera like this.

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In case you didn’t notice by the video link and the date of posting, this was an April fools joke.