Chalk another one up for the rumor mill. Unnamed sources are saying that Sony may have a big announcement this year at NAB. Only a year after the FS100 was released, a successor is rumored to be in the works. This new model, the NEX FS700, is said to boast some pretty major features; namely shooting up to 4K resolution, high frame rates of 120, 240, 480 and even 960 at reduced resolutions, built in ND filters, E-mount lens support…all for under $9000.

I’m suggesting a healthy dosage of salt with this news as it seems to be coming out of nowhere and giving us the “dream camera”. The other notable reason to doubt the rumor is that it would be competition for Sony’s own F3 and even F65 4K camera. However, if Sony does come out with a camera with even a few of these features at that price point, it would be sure to give Canon and RED some major competition.

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