Color correction is one of the most important steps of video production.  You may be tempted to shoot with whatever color styles your camera has built in, but you will be limited when you get to post.  Color correction allows you to change the mood of a scene, improve the lighting or even relight a scene, and so much more.

Red Giant is a leader in the color grading world with tools like Magic Bullet Looks, Mojo, and Colorista which I’ve been using for years.  Colorista II was just released last month and Stu Maschwitz has done some fantastic tutorials on some of the best ways to take advantage of it.  A great tool is no good if you don’t know how to use it, and Stu goes over relighting, keying, skin retouching, and more.

I’ve seen many color correcting tutorials, but Stu’s are always the best at showing you practical applications.

Click here to see all 6 color correction tutorials.

And while your at it, be sure to check out another color correction tutorial that Stu released last year for getting the Summer Blockbuster Look: