I don’t usually cross post on other websites or blogs, for I do not have the time. But NextWaveDV is truly a great resource so I am proud to contribute. For my first post I’d like to give you a sneak peek at a new documentary I am producing called The Visualmakers.

On my site NeedCreative.Net, I like to blog about the creative process. Newly accessible digital cinematic tools have really enabled a diverse group of latent talent to express themselves in a way never before possible for those without a huge budget. And it has also enabled seasoned pros used to using very expensive gear to make new, more personal productions they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get green-lighted. The new wave of cinematic digital video upon us has contributed to a wealth of new creativity. And that’s what The Visualmakers seeks to explore.

You see, we’re always talking about tools – gear – which is all very exciting and fun (and important), but it also misses the grand point of why do we do what we do? As you will see in The Visualmakers, we talked with a number of people you may know like Vincent Laforet, Philip Bloom, and Kevin Shahinian to explore their motives for why they do what they do. What drives these filmmakers to create? Where did they learn what they did? Would they miss it if they could no longer create visuals? At NAB 2011, we discovered what unites us all – Visualmaking.

Enjoy the trailer, and keep your eyes peeled here and at NeedCreative.Net for more information about when the final piece drops later this Summer.