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I’ve been a FS700 owner since day one and while I love the camera, I’ve always been frustrated with highlight aliasing and color fringing. I know this was an issue on the Canon C300 which was later fixed with a firmware update.

The rolloff of the highlights is fine but when there is a sharp edge from over exposed to standard exposure, the camera has issues with aliasing and color fringing. To me this is unacceptable in a camera priced the way the FS700 and C300 are. And if it’s just a firmware issue, why hasn’t it been fixed?

When the FS700 got S-Log 2 I was really hoping that it might be fixed but as you can see, the problem is still there.

Here’s a closeup of the problem area (click to enlarge):

Highlight Fringing 2

It’s very evident in motion. The aliasing jumps around and is very distracting.

[vimeo id=”77241637″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

The FS100 has the same issue and I asked Juan Martinez at NAB 2012 if the FS700 would have this problem fixed. He said it would be improved but never promised a full fix of the problem.

I’m not sure if having RAW on an Odyssey 7Q or R5 recorder will help but even if it does, I’d still like it to be fixed in camera.