Adobe has recently unveiled a new tool they call the ‘Warp Stabilizer’ in the video post.  It appears to be the most advanced and amazing image stabilization plug-in to date.  Although they are making no commitments to it’s release date or when/where they might bundle it in, it is definitely worth a look.

While you can stabilize your footage using AE now, with some more advanced motion tracking techniques,  not only does this new tool appear to take the learning curve down to virtually zero.  It also appears to do a better job than a standard motion track might without the time investment.  Not only do you not need to set track points but it does its work in the background, so you can continue to work on other things while it stabilizes your shot.

Finally, if you are an Adobe Suite user (ie. Premiere Pro) it will also work with Adobe Dynamic Link.  This will allow users of Premiere, with little or no After Effects knowledge, to take advantage of AE’s powerful engine and plug-in to stabilize footage with incredible results.