As we get closer and closer to the December 27th release date of the Panasonic AF100, more and more tests keep popping up.

Panasonic sent Philip Bloom a preproduction model to play around with this week.  The first thing he did was throw on a Voigtlander 50mm F1.1 and try out the camera at 3200 ISO.  Surprisingly, the footage is pretty darn clean.  Much less noise than on a 5D MkII at 3200 ISO.

Stay tuned to Philip’s blog as he continues to post his results as he tests the AF100.

Filippo Chiesa posted some racing footage shot on the AF100.  They also shot some behind the scenes clips with the 5D MkII.  It’s easy to see the aliasing and higher contrast in the 5D footage.  Also, notice how little rolling shutter jello there is in the shots where the AF100 is mounted to the car.

If you have a Vimeo account, you can download both original videos and see the results in full HD.

Photo credit: frame grab from second video