Hocus Products introduced their Hocus Focus wireless follow focus system combining professional quality with an affordable price tag.  The original Hocus Focus was designed for SLR and broadcast lenses, but was never meant for true cine lenses.  This all changes with the new Hocus Focus Professional (HoFoPro for short).

The Hocus Focus Professional features an updated transmitter and an entirely new digital motor and receiver. The whole system is designed for the higher end user, and is made for big, heavy cine lenses where power and silence of operation are important issues. Both the transmitter and receiver have user updatable firmware via USB and will be FCC certified for use in the USA.

The new motor is designed to be more powerful, yet quieter than the original HoFo.  It can even operate in extremely low temperature environments.  For more information on the HoFoPro, read their full press release.  The HoFoPro is set to be released beginning of 2011.  If you don’t want to wait that long or don’t plan on using cine lenses for your productions, you can check out the original HoFo on their website which is available right now.