My last article discussed how to get the word out about your latest creation using an affordable Press Release service. Once the word has been spread, you need to give serious consideration on how you are going to get it into the hands of the people that matter.

Distribution of Film and Video has been problematic,  a big problem for you that is. If you are a small independent, lets face it your options are limited, limited by cash flow that is! More than likely you have sank your life savings or a big chunk of it into gear, equipment and software to create your master piece.  So how do you overcome the green plague?

Distribber an IndieGoGo Company helps remove some of the burden of financing your project by letting you actually keep some of your funds. Here’s how they do it, at the time of this article (with an iTunes submission) you can submit a SD movie and get it distributed to Amazon and Netflix for FREE for a cost of about $1300.00. But before you begin to choke, Distribber takes NONE of the profits, iTunes charges 30%, the remaining profits belong to you. Amazon is a bit more greedy, they want 50% of your earnings. Netflix is whole nether deal, they license your movie for 1-2 years and they in turn get to allow it to be downloaded as often as subscribers wish.

Now, lets put this into perspective, Distribber says that you will begin making profits at about 185 views on iTunes, breaking even works out to be about 2 views per day  for one year. The profits you earn are yours and you get paid fairly quickly! While you are thinking about all this, did you forget about the two FREE services (Amazon and Netflix)?