What do fruity delicious snacks and camera light flashes have in common? Nothing, but apparently in a pinch the wonderful fruity tasting snacks can be a substituted for colored gels!

On a recent photography ice climbing trip  to Colorado John B. Crane found himself in an ice cave admiring God’s handy work, when suddenly John said:

The ceiling of the cave was full of a beautiful, green, soft moss and “Lord of the Rings” style blades of pure, crystal-clear, perfectly smooth ice. “Wish I had a green gel…” I said. And that’s when it happened; the flash of synergistic genius fired. “What about one of your fruit roll-ups?” Ben said. I looked at him for a moment and thought hey-great idea. I ran out and rummaged through my stuff sacks looking for the food bag. The second roll-up opened was what I was after: a sheet of blue-green fruit pressed into a thin, pliable sheet. The cold made it a little brittle and I gently peeled it from the plastic and ran back into the cave, molding it like a cap on the head of the flash.

Definitely not something you would want to try with a hot Fresnel light but this shows us all that creativity can be fun and edible!


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