Moire is a problem that DSLR video suffers from. This is due to fact that current DSLR processors aren’t powerful enough to convert a 18 or 22 Megapixel image down to a 1080p image at 24 or 30 frames per second. So what happens is they skip pixels to speed up the process. This causes aliasing and moire problems in patterns and hair.

Jorgen Escher has written a plugin for Final Cut Pro to help reduce micro moire from showing up certain types of shots.

This FCP plugin battles the disturbing problem of micro-moire.
Micro-moire manifests itself as red/blue color streaks and pixels that appear in natural and irregular patterns, such as hair, water and grass.

This filter is less effective in removing moire appearing in regular and/or artificial patterns such as brick walls. For the latter, another way of shooting or using a soft filter usually solves the problem.

The filter is free, but you can donate to the cause. Click here for more information.

Via Cinescopophilia.