With the Panasonic AF100’s launch fast approaching, a lot of people are itching to use their Canon glass on the micro 4/3 mount.  The main problem with using Canon lenses on other mounts is that Canon glass has electronic aperture control.  If you simply attach it with a mount adapter and no aperture control, you can’t adjust your f-stop.

Birger has promised an electronic adapter for manual aperture control and possibly autofocus.  No word yet on when that will arrive.

Now it looks like a company in Hong Kong has built a different style Canon to M4/3 adapter.  Instead of having electronic aperture control, the adapter has its own built in iris.  Since the iris on Canon glass is wide open when it’s not plugged into a body, this new adapter design should work great.  Plus at a price of $125, it’s a safe gamble to test out.

Order one on ebay.

Via EOSHD.com