Most of you have heard of the new Atomos Ninja, a very compact field recorder that is one of the more affordable models available.

It looks like Atomos will be getting some competition from a few products that are popping up on the market. Cinemartin will be offering the ‘Small Form portable Video recorder/computer’ or SFV for short. This field recorder can record up to 2k 24p or 1080 60p with a rumored target price half that of a Cinedeck (The Cinedeck retails for $7995). The SFVe is a yet to be priced version which will accept HDMI inputs rather than the SFV’s HDSDI Dual link and 3G.

Both recorders will feature a 7″ touchscreen monitor with a 800×640 native resolution. They will be able to record up to 115 minutes uncompressed 4:4:4 footage or up to to 8.5 hours with a 300mbps 4:2:2 compression.

The SFV and SFVe recorders are advertised as actual computers that will be able to edit, master and broadcast although I’m a little skeptical about how much editing you can do on a 7″ screen. Cinemartin did not mention what operating systems the SFV’s run on or what peripherals will be compatible (mice, keyboards, etc.), so again I’ll have to say that I’m a little skeptical – I have Photoshop Express running on my Android-hacked HTC HD2 cellphone, I could say that’s an editing system but I’d be lying.. (Please see the update below.)

With current specs and pricing I would have to say Atomos’ Ninja and upcoming Samurai recorders will have the edge. We will keep you posted on Cinemartin and Atomos news as new details are released.

Update: Cinemartin contacted me with some more information. They tell me that the SFV and SFVe recorders will run a Windows based operating system, however, the exact OS is still under wraps. It will be compatible with Adobe Premier and other Windows NLEs (Non-Linear Editors). It will have two monitor outputs and will be able to accept three 2.5″ SATA 6G Solid State Drives.

Conclusion: Unfortunately I’m still not sold on the SFVs. Although it looks like the SFVs will be a much more affordable recording solution than a Cinedeck, I think they still might be too large for mounting on most camera rigs. We won’t know for sure until more details are released. I don’t know about you but I’d much rather have a compact recorder like the Ninja AND a brand-spanking-new 13″ Macbook Pro for one quarter the price of a Cinedeck. Personally I’d like to see Cinemartin release a compact recorder for all us DSLR shooters, If they can beat the Ninja on price I think it would be a hit.

However, having the features of a built in editor give it a unique selling point over other field recorders. But will it be something that professionals want?

Cinemartin will be keeping an eye on this post and I think they will appreciate your feedback. What are your thoughts?

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Nitsan Simantov – Photographer and Film-Maker