Barry Green from was at IBC and had a chance to work with upcoming Panasonic AF100. Barry has been working with Panasonic cameras for years and definitely knows his way around a video camera. From his interaction with the AF100, it is obvious that it has earned his approval.

After looking at the footage that we posted yesterday and watching Barry’s overview, the AF100 is looking to be a very solid camera in my opinion. My main concern has always been the use of the micro 4/3″ sensor. I have been spoiled by the 5D’s full frame sensor and the micro 4/3″ will have a 2x crop in comparison. What does this mean? Many things, but mainly wrapping your head around a new set of lenses and getting used to the crop factor if using any existing lenses.

Is it all worth it? I very well could be. Having no aliasing, reduced rolling shutter, better controls, more inputs/outputs, etc. could make this the camera that the Red Scarlet should have been. And at a MSRP of $4995, it is in the right price range for indie filmmakers and production companies.

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Photo credit: frame grab from video