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RE-35: digital cartridges for analog cameras [UPDATE]

This could very well be vaporware, but I sure hope it’s not. A new website has popped up, advertising a soon to be available product

April 04, 2011 Blog, Gear

Zediva hopes to change the way we watch movies online

As it currently stands, there are 3 popular, legal ways in which we watch movies on our computers. We can either go to the video

March 17, 2011 Blog, News

FloatCam DollyCrane – The Dolly/Jib/Crane/Slider Combo

So you’re buying new gear, and you’re trying to decide between a slider and a crane. Which should you spend your money on? Which will

March 11, 2011 Blog, Gear

Canon may adopt Thunderbolt port for future cameras

Canon announced today that it intends to support Intel’s new Thunderbolt port and may implement it into future professional video cameras in 2012. This is big

March 10, 2011 Blog, News