Eye cups aren’t by nature comfortable but they serve their purpose of filling the gap between your eye and your camera’s viewfinder. Still, after long shoots, having a more comfortable option could make a big difference.  The i-cuff fills that need by adding comfort and better control.

  • All eyecups have been made out of rubber till the introduction of i-cuff dv, Pro & HD. i-cuff’s are made out of a breathable (reduces fogging), washable and waterproof fabric.
  • i-cuff attaches easily with a velcro sleeve, has an ultra-soft and padded suede chamois that comes directly in contact with your face and absorbs sweat/oil and doesn’t leave residue on glasses like rubber eyecups. Extremely comfortable for long days of shooting! They will withstand 100,000 rubs before they go bad!
  • i-cuff is the only eye cup that fits the operator’s face (with or without glasses) cutting the light entering the viewfinder like no other product.
  • Designed by an Emmy award-winning Director of Photography
  • Can be used on home video (mini dv) cameras, pro cameras, dslr’s as well as telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes and gun scopes.
  • You can rotate i-cuff 45 degrees counterclockwise and it will provide viewfinder shade when shooting under arm low or overhead when the camera is away from the operator’s face.

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