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Gear Review: Tilta FS700 Rig, Matte Box, Follow Focus & Battery Plate

In this video, we review the new rig from Tilta for the Sony NEX-FS700 including the cage, matte box, follow focus and battery plate

September 18, 2013 Gear Reviews, Videos
2 Gear Review: Zacuto FS700 Shooter camera rig Overall Score

Gear Review: Zacuto FS700 Shooter camera rig

The FS700 is a great camera but a bit larger than a DSLR. This means it is time for a new rig and what better

February 15, 2013 Gear Reviews, Videos

NAB 2012: Redrock Micro Ultracage and Update on the Micro Remote

Brian at Redrock Micro goes over new rigs for the Canon C300 and DSLRs. Also the microRemote is getting ready to ship (pending Apple’s approval

April 25, 2012 NAB 2012

NAB 2012: Letus Direct

Shane Hurlbut shows off the new Master Cinema Series rig system from Letus Direct and Ryan E. Walters demonstrates a prototype of a camera rotation

April 25, 2012 NAB 2012

NAB 2012: Cinevate

Dennis walks us through all that Cinevate lives up to the innovate root of their name, with bulking up cameras, lighting solutions, even to the

April 25, 2012 NAB 2012

NAB 2012: Edelkrone Unique Rig Options, Folding, Dual Shoulder, and handle follow focus

Edelkrone shows off their improvements to their shoulder and pocket rigs and a new design to a follow focus

April 25, 2012 NAB 2012

NAB 2012: IKAN Gear, Bags, Rigs, and Much More

Ikan has proven itself to be a great resource for the small item needs of the filmmaker. This year at NAB, they released some great

April 18, 2012 NAB 2012

VizTools: HandiZoom DSLR Shooting Solution for ENG

With the need to shoot on the fly for ENG or situations that only allow for a quick shot such as concerts or other events,

April 13, 2012 Blog, Gear

Arri shows off their DSLR video accessories

Arri has created cameras and camera accessories that have become industry standard, so it’s no surprise that their gear for DSLRs emanates quality. Here they

February 13, 2012 Blog, Gear

Letus explains the differences between their Master Cinema Series and traditional shoulder rigs

If Shane Hurlbut’s excitement for his new collaboration with Letus Direct didn’t convince you of the benefits of the Master Cinema Series rigs, then perhaps

December 09, 2011 Blog, Gear