Sony announced the DSC-RX100, an interesting new point and shoot camera. The market is flooded with point and shoot cameras that fit in your pocket and shoot quality pictures. The video on this camera is great at 1080p 60p but by no means a new feature for a Sony p&s. What makes this camera unique is its sensor size. At 1 inch it breaks away from the traditional small p&s look to offer large sensor shallow DOF and improved low light performance. While not as large as a APS-C DSLR sensor, the camera size is also significantly smaller which allows it to easily fit in a shirt or pants pocket.

This makes it a nice alternative to the Fujifilm FinePix X100 in both size and features. The X100 has been a camera that shooters love to have with them, but it is limited to a fixed focal length and 720p video. It is also nearly twice the cost of the RX100.

You can snatch up your preorder here.