Sekonic has long been a leader in light meters with high-end, professional models that cost over $800.  Now Sekonic has brought in a new model aimed at DSLR shooters.  It has features that focus specifically on the shooting style of DSLR video, namely the combination of shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

The Sekonic L-308DC DigiCineMate is the perfect light meter for today’s DSLR and digital practitioners. The intuitive LCD readout can be user-adjusted to display the specific functions needed for the task at hand. It reads incident light via the Lumisphere and Lumidisc. Slide the Lumisphere for reflected light readings.

In Cine mode the meter reads out in lux or foot-candles as well as fps (frames per second) and shutter angles. In Photo mode the L-308DC displays shutter speeds, f/stops or EV at ISOs from 3 to 8000. Besides ambient readings the L-308DC can meter flash in incident or reflected mode with or without a sync cord.

The Sekonic L-308DC offers all this at a price tag of under $280.