DVTV has been a great show about the world of digital video. We have done reviews, training and interviews and have a ton more planned for the future. But even with that, there has been an idea for a show that I’ve had for a long time…

Film Scene: The show that takes scenes from your favorite movies and teaches you how to recreate them on an indie film budget.

I’ve been working for months to assemble a great crew of people to help us make this show a reality. We have several scenes in mind from films like Iron Man, Lord of the Rings and many more. The scenes we pick will have something unique about them…the lighting, shot design, make-up, wardrobe, set design, etc. We won’t be doing a ton of computer graphics or After Effects training as there are plenty of shows out there that cover that. This show will be all about the pre, mid and post production of a scene from a major Hollywood film.

But, we need your help!

The only hangup we are at is of course money. We don’t want the show to be scattered with a thousand ads from sponsors, but we will bring on a few to cover the regular costs of each episode. To get the show started and off the ground, I’m turning to our community to help us raise $20,000 for gear, crew, locations, insurance, etc.

Rather than use Kickstarter for a campaign like this, I’m encouraging our audience to consider purchasing something from our NextWaveDV Store. Even if you already have an item, consider purchasing another one as a gift for a friend.

Here are easy ways to contribute:

$10 – HDSLR 101
$15 – NextWaveDV Track Pack
$30 – 2 Track Packs
$50 – Video Business 101
$75 – Film Score Series (All our track packs)

On top of that, we’re offering a sale for 10% off all store purchases. Use the coupon code supportfilmscene at checkout. This sale will run through December 15th, 2011.

By request, we have also added a donate button for any amount you are willing to help us with:

We’ll also keep our goal chart updated (on the right panel) and let you all know when we hit $20K! Thanks for all your support and lets make this dream a reality!