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Metabones and Conurus announce Canon EF to Sony NEX E-mount smart adapter

If you shoot on a Sony E-mount camera like the FS100, then one of the most frustrating parts is using Canon EF lenses. To date,

January 17, 2012 Blog, Gear

Canon C300 receives official pricing

When the C300 was announced back in November, Canon slapped a $20,000 price tag on it. Many were discouraged, hoping to see something priced below

January 17, 2012 Blog, Cameras

Film Scene update

Back in November we announced our ambitious new series, Film Scene. The response was great and we decided to run a short fund raiser to

January 17, 2012 Articles, Blog, News

SmallHD becomes US reseller of Edelkrone rigs

Edelkrone showed off their impressive lineup of DSLR and video camera rigs at NAB last year and quickly became one of the most talked about

January 17, 2012 Blog, Gear

JVC hints at interchangeable lens version of their 4K camera

CES isn’t known for major camera announcements, yet JVC has managed to catch everyone’s attention with their 4K handheld camcorder. Most filmmakers dismissed it due

January 12, 2012 Blog, Cameras

How an Arri cine film camera is made

Ever wonder what goes in to building a film cinema camera? This video takes you through the entire process from milling to construction. Even if

January 11, 2012 Blog, Cameras

JVC announces the HMQ10, 4K camcorder for under $5K

After hinting about it at NAB, JVC has officially announced a 4K handheld camcorder. This bold step into the 4K market features a 1/2-inch CMOS

January 10, 2012 Blog, Cameras

How different does 500fps, 1000fps, 2500fps, 5000fps and 10000fps look

High speed camera shooter Gavin Free demonstrates the different looks of high frame rates on the Phantom Flex

January 05, 2012 Blog, News

$500k feature length indie film shot entirely on a cellphone

“Olive” is the story of a young girl who transforms the lives of three people without ever saying a word. The filmmakers behind the project

January 04, 2012 Blog, News

Comedian shares “Everything I Learned In Film School”

If you’ve ever wondered if film school is the right thing for you, then allow comedian Michael Gleason to share his thoughts on the subject.

December 30, 2011 Blog, News