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$500 Lighting Kit for $122 [UPDATE]

[UPDATE]  This is a post I created a few years ago and it became fairly popular so I feel it’s necessary to point out one

September 03, 2008 Articles, Tutorials

How To Get Started In Video Production

In this episode, I go over how I first got into video production and how I ended up getting my dream job with no education

August 30, 2008 DVTV, NextWaveTV, Videos

Building a Prosumer DOF Camera Rig

In this episode, I go over all the equipment I use in my HV20 depth of field camera rig

April 20, 2008 DVTV, NextWaveTV, Videos

HV20/30 DOF Rig

The stuff you see:Canon HV30Brevis DOF adapterCinevate railsCavision handles and shoulder supportLilliput 7″ VGA monitorMayflash Component to VGA adapterMattebox from dv-shop23Azden SGM-1X micBeachtek DXA-4 XLR

April 15, 2008 Blog, Cameras

Film Look with DOF Adapters

Episode 3 of Next Wave TV. In this episode, I show you how to achieve the look and feel of film cameras while still using

April 14, 2008 DVTV, NextWaveTV, Videos

Inexpensive Video Equipment

In this episode, I show you inexpensive ways to get setup for your first budget film. We cover cameras, microphones, lighting, and monitoring

March 18, 2008 DVTV, NextWaveTV, Videos

After Effects Tutorial: The Ghost Effect

In this episode, I walk you through an Adobe After Effects tutorial on creating a ghost effect for your films


How to Build a Camera Jib/Crane

In this DIY video, we show you how we built our camera crane. This was all done with a table saw, drill and hack saw.

September 01, 2007 DVTV, NextWaveTV, Tutorials, Videos
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