Sony S-LOG FS700 Odyssey 7Q 0

S-Log & LUTs on the Sony FS700 & A7S

S-Log is one of the most powerful tools in Sony cameras today. It maintains a wide dynamic range and can be pushed very far in

July 31, 2015 Articles
Cine Gear 2015 0

Cine Gear Expo 2015 Coverage

We travel to the back lots of Paramount Pictures in sunny California to bring you this years coverage of the Cine Gear Expo. Take a

June 10, 2015 Cine Gear 2015
DNxHR Test 2

Atomos Shogun and Avid DNxHR LB vs HQX with Sony A7s 4K

I’ve owned my Sony A7s for close to a year now. I preordered it shortly after NAB 2014 and snatched it up right when it

April 27, 2015 Blog, Cameras
NAB 2015 Intro Screen Cap 1

NAB 2015 Coverage

We’re traveling to Vegas again to bring you our coverage of NAB Show 2015. Check out the playlist below for all our videos starting Monday,

April 12, 2015 NAB 2015
Mini Gimbal Review 0

Gear Review: CAME-MINI 3-axis Gimbal for GH4, A7s, BMPCC (vs. DJI Ronin)

We take a look at the CAME-TV Mini Gimbal for small cameras and compare it to the DJI Ronin

April 09, 2015 Gear Reviews, Videos
LED Lighting 0

DVTV – LED Lighting for Filmmaking & Video Production

We take a look at our full lineup of LED lights from ikan

April 01, 2015 DVTV, Videos
Syrp Genie Review 0

Gear Review: Syrp Genie Motion Control Time Lapse

In this gear review, we take a look at the Syrp Genie Motion Control Time Lapse system

February 16, 2015 Gear Reviews, Videos
IE Review 0

DVTV – Shane Hurlbut’s Illumination Experience

We go check out the Illumination Experience and work with ASC cinematographer Shane Hurlbut

November 08, 2014 DVTV, Videos
XUME Review 1

Gear Review: XUME Quick Release Lens Filter Adapters

In this gear review, we check out the XUME Quick Release Lens Filter Adapters and how they can increase your speed on set

September 01, 2014 Gear Reviews, Videos
Canon Lens Wars 0

Find out which Canon Lens is best in SLR Lounge’s Lens War

I’ve been a Canon L Series lens shooter for a long time now. The optics are great and they work well with all my camera

July 29, 2014 Blog, Gear
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