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Cine Gear 2011: K5600 HMI lighting systems

K5600 shows us their new HMI lighting options for filmmakers. Our sponsors who made our Cine Gear Expo 2011 coverage possible

July 20, 2011 Cine Gear 2011

5 video lighting technique videos from Ryan E. Walters

Many cinematographers refer to lighting for film and video as “painting with light”. The best know how to place light and shadows to create the

May 09, 2011 Blog, News

NAB 2011: Arri L-series LED, Arrilite, HMI, Tungsten Fresnels

Arri shows off their new line of L7 series of LED fresnel lights and new versions of their Arrilite, HMI and tungsten fresnels. Our sponsors

April 13, 2011 NAB 2011