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Cine Gear 2012

This year we weren’t able to make it out to the Cine Gear Expo, but we partnered with FreshDV to provide you with their great

June 10, 2012 Cine Gear 2012

Introducing, Your NAB 2012 Crew

As many of you have already heard, we have teamed up with FreshDV to bring you this year’s coverage of NAB 2012. If you don’t

April 16, 2012 NAB 2012

NextWaveDV and FreshDV join forces for NAB Show 2012

The NAB Show is where product developers and content creators from around the world come together to show off the next wave of digital video.

April 13, 2012 NAB 2012

New Cinema Swag From Della Luce (Our Pals at FreshDV)

A new cinema apparel company has arrived on the scene: Della Luce. The gents at FreshDV have been working for months on developing these great designs and

April 13, 2012 Blog, News

NAB 2011: Interview with Matthew Jeppsen and Kendal Miller from FreshDV

We bump into Matthew Jeppsen and Kendal Miller from FreshDV and get their feedback on NAB 2011, HDSLRs and the future of filmmaking. Our sponsors

April 13, 2011 NAB 2011