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DVTV: Filmmaking Attire

In this episode of DVTV, Tony shows his preferred warddrobe for video production shoots

January 08, 2013 DVTV, Videos

Is it time to upgrade from your video DSLR camera?

“What is the best camera for me?” …If I had a nickel for every time I heard that question…well I could probably purchase every camera

August 13, 2012 Articles, Blog, Cameras

NAB 2012: Atomos – Ninja 2

Atomos releases the new Ninja 2 mobile recorder. Those who are familiar with this product line know that the Ninja was an affordable solution. This

April 17, 2012 NAB 2012

NAB 2012: JAG35 & D|Focus Releasing a Ton of New Gear

This year, JAG35 has released a version II of last year’s remote follow focus, showed off some new rig systems – including every type of

April 17, 2012 NAB 2012

VizTools: HandiZoom DSLR Shooting Solution for ENG

With the need to shoot on the fly for ENG or situations that only allow for a quick shot such as concerts or other events,

April 13, 2012 Blog, Gear

Canon sneaks in another new camera, a cinema DSLR that shoots 4K video

As if the C300 announcement wasn’t enough, Canon also showed off a new concept DSLR which is capable of shooting 4K video. Canon Inc. today

November 03, 2011 Blog, Cameras

Why Some Videos Succeed and Some Fail

Have you ever walked away from a theater and thought, “Man that movie sucked! How could they spend that much time and money and not

October 25, 2011 Articles

Lens Buying Guide: The best lens kit for video on your Canon HDSLR

So you finally did it! You picked up your first Canon video DSLR and you probably are eager to purchase a few lenses for it.

August 16, 2011 Articles

Why film is still king and digital has a long way to go to catch up

During this year’s Cine Gear Expo, Rob Hummel gave a fascinating talk entitled “Primer on Film and Digital Capture” at the Kodak Panel. His talk

August 10, 2011 Blog, Cameras
It's Gone 3

Remove Objects from Video in Real Time

Have you ever had to paint out an object from a scene frame by excruciating frame?  I have, it’s not fun.  Any tool out there

October 14, 2010 Blog, Post Production