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The future of 4K video and the cheapest way to shoot it

Last night, Sony officially announced pricing for their new F5 and F55 lineup which included their highly anticipated 4K recorder. Now that Sony’s cards are

November 29, 2012 Articles, Blog, Cameras

Sony FS700 and RED Epic shoot slo-mo together for this Totino’s TV ad

I always find it fascinating to hear how directors and cinematographers make their camera choices. While on DVXUser, I read this post about a shoot

October 30, 2012 Blog, News

The Codec Conundrum

H.264, RAW, uncompressed, 4K, bit rate, color space… Chances are you’ve seen all these terms and many more listed in the specs of various cameras

August 20, 2012 Articles, Blog, Cameras

Is it time to upgrade from your video DSLR camera?

“What is the best camera for me?” …If I had a nickel for every time I heard that question…well I could probably purchase every camera

August 13, 2012 Articles, Blog, Cameras

C300 Aliased Fringe – Not so Awesome?

As you are aware, the Canon Cinema EOS C300 has been released, and overall it’s an amazing camera that people are praising in the world

March 28, 2012 Articles, Blog, Cameras

Peter Jackson shows us the RED Epic 3D workflow of “The Hobbit”

Whether you like 3D or agree with Peter Jackon’s decision to shoot “The Hobbit” in 48 fps, you have to admit that the man is

November 09, 2011 Blog, News

How do RED and Canon’s new cameras affect the average shooter?

Two major camera announcements from two major camera manufacturers were made today, but what does that mean to me, the average shooter? Quite a bit

November 04, 2011 Articles, Blog

RED officially specs and prices the Scarlet X

It seems like only yesterday that RED first announced the Scarlet…okay maybe not yesterday, more like three years ago. Since then we’ve seen revisions, price

November 03, 2011 Blog, Cameras

1st wedding shot with the RED Epic

DSLR shooters move over, there’s a new standard for epic wedding films. Tonica Tran filmed this beautiful wedding video using two RED Epic cameras shooting

July 09, 2011 Blog, Cameras

5 video lighting technique videos from Ryan E. Walters

Many cinematographers refer to lighting for film and video as “painting with light”. The best know how to place light and shadows to create the

May 09, 2011 Blog, News