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NAB 2012: Zacuto Plasma Light Panel, and Unique shoulder rig, with handle follow focus

Jens walks us through their fresh light panel technology with Plasma and new follow focus design

April 23, 2012 NAB 2012

Cine Gear 2011: LEP Light Emitting Plasma – new film lighting technology

Photon Beard shows us their new light emitting plasma technology for video and film lighting. Our sponsors who made our Cine Gear Expo 2011 coverage

June 11, 2011 Cine Gear 2011

Will Plasma lighting replace LEDs for video and film work?

Here’s another story we missed at NAB 2011. LED lighting seemed to be everywhere, from Litepanels, to Arri finally getting in the game and several

May 06, 2011 Blog, News