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NAB 2012: Libec Tripods and Swift Jib50

Jose from Libec shows us their full lineup of fluid head tripods along with their new Jib50 with remote pan-tilt head and camera controller

April 25, 2012 NAB 2012

Libec releases new portable jib and pan-tilt head

Portability can be the biggest selling point for mobile shooters and thankfully there’s a new product on the market that allows you stabile shots in

April 15, 2012 Blog, Gear

Cine Gear 2011: Libec – tripods, fluid heads, jib and dolly systems

Libec shows us their new lineup of support gear including a variety of fluid head tripods and their jib and dolly kit. Our sponsors who

August 02, 2011 Cine Gear 2011