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Check out planetMitch & Barry Andersson’s DSLR Dynamic Workshop

Our friend planetMitch from planet5D is putting on a workshop with Barry Andersson called DSLR Dynamics. Learn how to use your DSLR and create amazing

October 30, 2013 Blog, News

DVTV: Choosing a Video Camera

In this episode we help you decide on which video camera is right for you. Starting with a basic consumer camera and moving up to

July 31, 2013 DVTV, Videos

Film Scene: Shooting a multicam DSLR rock concert music video production

A year ago we were asked to shoot a multicam, high-energy rock concert for the band Separate Ways. Working within a no-budget scenario, I used

February 25, 2013 Film Scene, Videos

The Evolution of a Filmmaker

Please Note: In this post, I’m going to be very open in sharing a little of my story and the successes and mistakes I’ve made

August 22, 2012 Articles, Blog

Professional Artist vs. Professional Business

In my article yesterday I suggested that if you consider yourself a pro video shooter you should consider upgrading to a pro camera. I got

August 14, 2012 Articles, Blog

Is it time to upgrade from your video DSLR camera?

“What is the best camera for me?” …If I had a nickel for every time I heard that question…well I could probably purchase every camera

August 13, 2012 Articles, Blog, Cameras

DV Weekly: Canon T4i, Sony FS700, Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display, Cine Gear Expo 2012

In this week’s DV Weekly episode, Maria shares news about Canon’s new DSLR the T4i, Sony’s upcoming NEX-FS700, Apple’s latest Macbook Pro and the best

June 15, 2012 DV Weekly, Videos

NAB 2012: CANON 4K DSLR & C500

This seems to be the year of 4K at NAB, and Canon followed suite with the release of a 4K capable DSLR camera that will

April 18, 2012 NAB 2012

HDSLR Electronic Follow Focus Control from Manfrotto… 1st of Its Kind

This product is what so many HDSLR shooters have been waiting for… Manfrotto just announced an electronic follow focus system for DSLR cameras with two

April 13, 2012 Blog, Gear

Quickly start and stop video recording with the Stedi-Shot DSLR Trigger

As great as DSLR video cameras are, the ergonomics are still a bit lacking. Something as simple as starting your video recording requires a reaching

March 28, 2012 Blog, Gear