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Canon Adds to Their Cinema EOS Line with the C500 and 1DC 4K HDSLR

After what seems like only a few weeks since the 5D Mark II and the C300, Canon releases two more cameras: the C500 and the

April 13, 2012 Blog, Cameras

How an Arri cine film camera is made

Ever wonder what goes in to building a film cinema camera? This video takes you through the entire process from milling to construction. Even if

January 11, 2012 Blog, Cameras

How do RED and Canon’s new cameras affect the average shooter?

Two major camera announcements from two major camera manufacturers were made today, but what does that mean to me, the average shooter? Quite a bit

November 04, 2011 Articles, Blog

Canon sneaks in another new camera, a cinema DSLR that shoots 4K video

As if the C300 announcement wasn’t enough, Canon also showed off a new concept DSLR which is capable of shooting 4K video. Canon Inc. today

November 03, 2011 Blog, Cameras

RED officially specs and prices the Scarlet X

It seems like only yesterday that RED first announced the Scarlet…okay maybe not yesterday, more like three years ago. Since then we’ve seen revisions, price

November 03, 2011 Blog, Cameras

Canon finally announces a large sensor cinema camera, the C300

After years of wondering if Canon would ever release a true large sensor video camera, the wait is finally over. However, it may not be

November 03, 2011 Blog, Cameras

Shane Hurlbut, ASC continues to turn DSLR cameras into Hollywood filmmaking machines [UPDATE]

This past weekend, Shane Hurlbut hosted a huge event to introduced his own line of high end DSLR video gear. The Master Cinema Series features

October 17, 2011 Blog, Gear

New CINEMA picture style for Canon HDSLRs

Most people are aware of Technicolor’s free picture style, CineStyle, which increased the latitude that Canon HDSLRs recorded to. The only problem was that CineStyle

September 13, 2011 Blog, Cameras

Cine Gear 2011: Shane Hurlbut on DSLR Cinema

We interview Shane Hurlbut, ASC from Hurlbut Visuals as he shares the new rental division of his company. Shane also tells us how DSLRs have

June 09, 2011 Cine Gear 2011