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The Hobbit: A 3D, 48 fps HFR Review

I’ve never done a film review on NWDV before, but then again there perhaps has never been a film so controversial in recent times for

December 23, 2012 Analyze the Frame, Articles

Peter Jackson shows us the RED Epic 3D workflow of “The Hobbit”

Whether you like 3D or agree with Peter Jackon’s decision to shoot “The Hobbit” in 48 fps, you have to admit that the man is

November 09, 2011 Blog, News

Missile-targeting technology adapted to create highly accurate 3D maps using DSLRs

Google Maps is cool and very helpful, but still very limited. 3D city models are slowly being generated by crowd-sourced designers but take lots of

May 04, 2011 Blog, News

NAB 2011: Autodesk Smoke, Flame, free education license

Autodesk shows off their new 2012 product line including updates to Smoke and Flame along with free license options for students. Our sponsors who made

April 25, 2011 NAB 2011

NAB 2011: Unreel virtual 3D set technology

Unreel shows us their virtual set technology that creates realistic 3D environments for live broadcast television. It works in tandem with green screen and camera

April 25, 2011 NAB 2011

NAB 2011: GoPro 3D, Cineform

GoPro shows us their new 3D rig and tells us how their recent acquisition of Cineform will help them continue to offer great quality video

April 21, 2011 NAB 2011

NAB 2011: JVC 4K, 3D, GY-HM750U

JVC shows off their new 4K technology, sub-$2500 3D camera and new professional GY-HM750U camera. Our sponsors who made our NAB 2011 coverage possible

April 20, 2011 NAB 2011

NAB 2011: Panasonic AG-HPX250, AG-3DP1, BT-LH910

Panasonic tells us about their new P2 handheld cam, the HPX250, a new 5D camera, the 3DP1, and a new monitor for both standard and

April 19, 2011 NAB 2011

NAB 2011: Redrock Micro microFollowFocus Blue, micro3D rig, micro 4/3 EF mount

Redrock micro shows off their new professional follow focus, 3D rig for small cameras and a micro 4/3 EF adapter for using Canon lenses on

April 14, 2011 NAB 2011

Star Wars fans, The Phantom Menace Goes 3D

Rick McCallum Star Wars Producer was on record for calling 3D a gimmick. So what has changed to give Lucas Film and IL the incentive

April 03, 2011 Blog, News