This site started off as a small blog that was posted to a few times a month. As it grew in popularity, I posted more and more often. My vision for NextWaveDV became: “To provide the latest news, tips and training resources for video and film makers.” I continued to blog about any news I came across and we decided to go from producing videos every few months to once a week. This of course takes tons of time and funds to make happen. Fortunately we had great sponsors that came on board and helped not only pick up the main costs but also allow us to grow our efforts.

I usually end up putting in over 40 hours of work a week into NextWaveDV. I also have a full time job, a side production company and a wife and daughter. Someday I hope to do NextWaveDV full time and provide even more great content. The only way to get there is by having enough income to pay the bills and support my family.

The FCC requires that bloggers disclose their connections to advertisers, products, etc. and we have always tried to stay as transparent as possible.

One question I get occasionally is: I saw your review, but then I saw that the manufacturer was a sponsor. How do I know you were giving an honest review?

My answer: I have only invited companies to be sponsors whose products I have worked with and believe in. And when I get new gear in, whether by purchasing it or getting free gear to review, I will share my honest opinions regardless of whether they are a sponsor or not. I haven’t done very many reviews on products I don’t like. I have a hard time bashing something that someone has worked hard on, even if I don’t think it’s a good investment. I’d rather not do a review at all. So in most cases, if I’m doing a review it’s because I use and recommend the product.

It is always our priority to maintain the highest standards of journalistic integrity and show no bias in our content. Our reputation is more important than paying the bills and if we feel that our relationship with a vendor has the potential to harm that, we will look elsewhere for revenue.


Ads – We have Adsense ads that display on our site and videos. These can be pretty much anything, but we try to keep them as relevant as possible. Google decides what to show and when to show them. We get a small amount when ads are clicked.

Sponsors – Sponsors pick up the main costs of the site. They pay a set amount each month to have their ads displayed on the site and on our videos. Without these sponsors, NextWaveDV would be dead in the water. Sometimes sponsors send me free gear to review.

Affiliated Links – When we talk or write about a product, often we will link to a site to purchase that product. If it is available at B&H Photo, the link will be an affiliated link which we earn a small percentage of revenue from.

Products – You will find several great products in the NextWaveDV Store. These included special video training and royalty free music. Sales at the store help to fund the future of NextWaveDV.

Next Lites – For a long time I’ve wanted to bring our own line up of video lights to the market. Finally with the help of a great team of people we have done just that. Next Lites is our “retail” branch of NextWaveDV. It allows us to provide our own line of products that helps fund major projects that couldn’t be afforded by just a handful of sponsors.


The reason we have ads and sponsors is to pick up the costs of running this site. These include: domain hosting, programmers, camera crew, editors, sets, camera equipment, travel, etc. We want to provide high quality content, but that is something I can’t do by myself. I have to bring in talented people to help make that happen. A lot of them volunteer their time and talents because they believe in the vision of NextWaveDV. Others we hire for specific jobs.

Thanks for being a part of our internet family.  We hope to keep bringing you the best in video resources.