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DV|TV: CPM Film Tools Cubed Rig, Color Temperature, Final Cut Pro X Thoughts

This week we review the new CPM Film Tools Cubed DSLR camera rig, discuss the importance of color temperature and getting the correct white balance,

June 27, 2011 DVTV, Videos

HDSLR 101 #12: Sound and Audio Post Production

In episode 12 of HDSLR 101 we show you several workflow options for working with audio and your DSLR footage. These include using a clap

May 29, 2011 HDSLR 101, Videos

DV|TV: NAB 2011 Recap and Behind the Scenes

In this episode we go over our experiences behind the scenes at NAB 2011, meet some fans of the show and discuss what was popular

May 11, 2011 DVTV, Videos

HDSLR 101 #11: Editing, Transcoding & Color Correcting your DSLR footage

In episode 11 of HDSLR 101 we show you how to work with your DSLR footage for editing, transcoding and color correcting/grading. Remember, if you

April 27, 2011 HDSLR 101, Videos

DV|TV: ikan VL7 Monitor Review – NAB 2011 Gear – Canon XA10

In this weeks episode, we review the new ikan VL7 monitor and show you the gear we will be using to cover NAB 2011, including

April 10, 2011 DVTV, Videos

DV|TV: Jag35 DSLR video gear, rig, monitor, electronic follow focus review

Welcome to our brand new series, DV|TV. We are combining our many series (except HDSLR 101) into one variety show which will cover all things

April 04, 2011 DVTV, Videos

HDSLR 101 #10: Getting Smooth and Stable Footage

In episode 10 of HDSLR 101 we show you different ways to get stable footage.  From tripods, sliders, dollys, jibs, steadicams and more, we cover

March 17, 2011 HDSLR 101, Videos

HDSLR 101 #9: Choosing the Right Lens

In episode 9 we show different lens options such as zoom vs. prime and Canon vs. Zeiss. We also go over some lens features and

March 03, 2011 HDSLR 101, Videos

Color Correction with Premiere Pro CS4 CS5

Learn what tools are available to you inherently in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and CS5 that will help you achieve the look you’re looking for

February 28, 2011 DVTV, Fix It In Post, Videos

HDSLR 101 #8: Setting Correct Exposure

In episode 8 of HDSLR 101 we show you different ways to get correct exposure with your DSLR footage.  Incorrect exposure can completely ruin your

February 18, 2011 HDSLR 101, Videos
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