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DVTV: Behind the Scenes of Zacuto’s Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout

Back in February of 2012, we had the privilege of being invited to Zacuto’s Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout. In this episode of DVTV

September 03, 2012 DVTV, Videos

DVTV: Action Movie Trailer HDSLR Shoot BTS, FaderND Review

This episode we’re on the road shooting with Isaac Alongi, photographer and cinematographer. Isaac takes us behind the scenes of an action movie trailer shoot

January 06, 2012 DVTV, Videos

DVTV: Kessler Crane Tour, Beachtek DXA-5Da Review

This week we take a tour of Kessler Crane‘s headquarters with Eric Kessler and Chris Beller. Together they show us how Kessler Crane started and

December 10, 2011 DVTV, Videos

DVTV: Behind the Scenes – Real Estate Video Shoot, LCW DSLR Camera Rig Review

This episode we take you behind the scenes of a real estate video we produced for a multi-million dollar home in Wisconsin. We also review

November 10, 2011 DVTV, Videos

DVTV: Tour of a Multicam HD Production Studio for Live Broadcast Television

This week we take you on a tour of Celebration Church‘s multicam setup for broadcast television. Tim Ray shows us how all the equipment comes

October 26, 2011 DVTV, Videos

DV|TV: SmallHD DP6 vs. ManhattanLCD HD5, How to Build a Set

In this weeks episode, we do a comparison/review of two popular DSLR monitors, the SmallHD DP6 and the ManhattanLCD HD5. We also show you how to

October 06, 2011 DVTV, Videos

DV|TV: D|Focus & D|Zoom Review, How to Create the Hitchcock Zoom

In this week’s episode, we review the DFocus and DZoom from DFocus System and show you how to create the Hitchcock or Vertigo Zoom effect

September 21, 2011 DVTV, Videos

DV|TV: Helmsman USB HDSLR Focus Controller, F Stops Explained, Interview Koo from

In this episode, we take a look at the Helmsman USB Follow Focus Controller for Canon HDSLRs from Light Craft Workshop, explain how a camera’s

September 08, 2011 DVTV, Videos

DV|TV: SmallHD DP4 EVF Review, How to Light Outdoors [UPDATE]

In this episode we review the SmallHD DP4 EVF hybrid field monitor and electronic viewfinder and we show you how to re-light an outdoor scene

August 22, 2011 DVTV, Videos

DV|TV: RigWheels Review, How to use a Dolly or Slider

In this episode, we review the RigWheels system, go over the importance of dolly and slider shots while looking at some examples and behind the

August 08, 2011 DVTV, Videos