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DVTV – LED Lighting for Filmmaking & Video Production

We take a look at our full lineup of LED lights from ikan

April 01, 2015 DVTV, Videos

DVTV – Shane Hurlbut’s Illumination Experience

We go check out the Illumination Experience and work with ASC cinematographer Shane Hurlbut

November 08, 2014 DVTV, Videos

DVTV: Light Ratios and the Inverse Square Law

In this episode we show you how to properly measure light ratios, adjust the exposure of your lights using scrims, nets, ND gel, dimmers and

September 06, 2013 DVTV, Videos

DVTV: Choosing a Video Camera

In this episode we help you decide on which video camera is right for you. Starting with a basic consumer camera and moving up to

July 31, 2013 DVTV, Videos

DVTV: How to Avoid Adobe Creative Cloud

In this episode of DVTV, we follow up on the Adobe Creative Cloud debate and share ways to avoid having to subscribe to Creative Cloud.

May 22, 2013 DVTV, Videos

DVTV: Adobe Creative Cloud Pros & Cons

We share our thoughts on Adobe’s recent change from box distribution to Creative Cloud, both the advantages and the disadvantages

May 16, 2013 DVTV, Videos

DVTV: Ultimate Portable Video Kit feat. iPad & Sony NEX-7

On our way to shoot our NAB 2013 coverage this year, we decided to shoot, edit and upload an entire episode of DVTV right out

April 07, 2013 DVTV, Videos

DVTV: Cheap wireless follow focus & HDMI

Going wireless with your follow focus and HDMI monitoring can really improve your video production workflow. In this episode of DVTV, I show you how

April 01, 2013 DVTV, Videos

DVTV: Filmmaking Attire

In this episode of DVTV, Tony shows his preferred warddrobe for video production shoots

January 08, 2013 DVTV, Videos

DVTV: How to Build a Cyclorama/Cyc Wall/Infinity Curve

In this episode of DVTV, we show you how we built our cyclorama in our studio, how we lit it and how we sound treated

November 21, 2012 DVTV, Videos