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DIY Video Camera PVC Fig Rig

In this video I explain how to build an adjustable fig rig out of PVC for those of you who do not have the tools

November 15, 2010 DV Rebellion

Convert Audio to Keyframes in After Effects

Using the Convert Audio to Keyframes Expression will allow you to easily animate an object to the beat of a song. DV Rebellion

November 15, 2010 DV Rebellion

DIY Follow Focus and Shoulder Support

In this video i explain how to build a ver lightweight and mobile stabilizer with a follow focus made from a rollerblade wheel. i explain

November 05, 2010 DV Rebellion

DIY Video Camera Slider

In this video I show you how to build a very strong but lightweight 36″ camera slider. All the materials needed can be found at

November 02, 2010 DV Rebellion

DIY Video Camera Jib

In this video I show you how to build an 8′ jib arm that can attach to any sturdy tripod. This rig is very light

November 01, 2010 DV Rebellion

Canon EOS Utility Download and Install for Mac

How to turn the canon EOS Utility updater into a full working Utility software if you have lost or thrown away your disc. Download link.

January 06, 2010 DV Rebellion

After Effects Tracker Controls Tutorial

How to use the tracker controls in After Effects to add images or objects to a scene with camera movement. DV Rebellion

January 06, 2010 DV Rebellion
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