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Why Creative Cloud is awesome for Adobe and for you

Times, they are a-changin… Software is much different today than it was ten, twenty years ago. It used to be, if you wanted a piece

May 07, 2013 Blog, Post Production

Adobe gives away Photoshop, Premiere and the rest of Creative Suite CS2 for FREE? [UPDATE]

So you have an old computer that you’d like to install Adobe software on but you don’t want to purchase another copy…or maybe you’re a

January 07, 2013 Blog, Post Production

Leak: Adobe Premiere CS6 to Include Warp Stabilizer

I was at an event not too long ago were I was able to hob nob with a source who works with Adobe.  As post

April 09, 2012 Blog, Post Production

Holy freakin’ cow! Lightroom 3 on sale for $69 for 24 hours only!

Lightroom has been a staple for photographers who want fast processing of their photos. In the latest version, they even added support for basic editing

February 15, 2012 Blog, Post Production

The Easy Guide to Color Grade & Correct Video

I constantly see training on how to get the “film look” while color grading and color correcting footage, the problem is most people go about

December 06, 2011 Blog, Post Production, Tutorials, Videos

Adobe demos technology that allows you to change focus and 3D position from a still video

Adobe is always impressing us, and this time is no exception. This tech demo at MAX 2011 shows many new “sneak peaks” but one of

October 14, 2011 Blog, Post Production
Boris Soundbite 0

Boris FX and Nexidia Unveil “Soundbite” Dialogue Search for Apple Final Cut Pro

Today Boris FX, a developer of integrated VFX and workflow technology for video and film, announced a partnership with Nexidia, a provider of audio analysis and dialogue search

August 25, 2011 Blog, Post Production

HitFilm, new VFX and editing software, shown off in “Prism” sci-fi short film

Adobe After Effects is considered one of the leaders in visual effects and composition editors, but even though it is a relatively affordable program, it

July 25, 2011 Blog, Post Production

Final Cut users can switch and save 50% off Adobe Premiere Pro

The latest iteration of Final Cut Pro has not been well received; all the 1 star user reviews on the App Store prove that. Many

July 01, 2011 Blog, Post Production

Magic Bullet Suite 11 released, amazing short film “Plot Device” shows off new features

Magic Bullet has been the staple of many indie and pro filmmakers. It has one of the largest collections of tools for manipulating the look

July 01, 2011 Blog, Post Production