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A little rebranding for NextWaveDV…

Just wanted to jot down this quick post to update our loyal readers on a small change happening for NextWaveDV. For as long as NWDV

December 29, 2011 Blog, News

The Hobbit video blog #5, on location shooting

Peter Jackson is back for another video update on “The Hobbit”. This time he shows us how much is involved with taking the entire production

December 26, 2011 Blog, News

Scientists develop camera that captures video at the speed of light, one trillion frames per second

Move over Phantom and your slow 1,000,000 fps video capture mode, there’s a new high speed king in town. Scientists have developed a camera that

December 16, 2011 Blog, News

Help Kickstart the UnderWaterRealm and get some great filmmaking rewards

The UnderWaterRealm is an amazingly original project being directed by Davide M Reynolds. A mixture of fantasy and reality come together for this series of

December 06, 2011 Blog, News

Peter Jackson shows us the RED Epic 3D workflow of “The Hobbit”

Whether you like 3D or agree with Peter Jackon’s decision to shoot “The Hobbit” in 48 fps, you have to admit that the man is

November 09, 2011 Blog, News

Film Scene, an upcoming training series for filmmakers

DVTV has been a great show about the world of digital video. We have done reviews, training and interviews and have a ton more planned

November 07, 2011 Articles, Blog, News

Parody video shows us how to find a Canon 5D MkIII

Dave Dugdale from emailed me this video he put together about a new “app” he downloaded for his phone. Watch to see how he

October 24, 2011 Blog, News

Making Film, podcast interview by Thomas Roberts

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Thomas Roberts for his podcast, Making Film. We discussed the origins of NextWaveDV,

October 20, 2011 Blog, News

R.I.P. Film for Cinema and Movies – 1888-2011

After 123 years of film being used for movie making, it seems that it is slowly coming to an end. Last week we heard about

October 20, 2011 Blog, News

Canon to join the large sensor video camera game? [UPDATE]

We haven’t heard much from Canon for awhile in spite of the launch of the Panasonic AF100 and Sony FS100. Many have wondered if Canon

October 12, 2011 Blog, News
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